Friday, September 22, 2006

doodidoodidoo.... !!

I wrote a whole, long post... And then I felt like I was being too whiny - so I deleted it. Here is what the main points would have been, and, for all intents and purposes, are:

1) I quit my job today. Gave them two weeks notice. I can elaborate, if you want, but it is a disaster there and they can't do anything to make it better for me.

2) I'm leaving Pittsburgh in 3 weeks and moving back to LI for a little while. I'm actually looking forward to it. I might be able to sleep through the nights.

3) This means I'm way closer to Boston and am in much better position to catch flights to Chicago. And I'm gonna have some free time. So, you might find me on your doorsteps one of these days.

4) Alice, I really should have listened when you told me to leave here in June... You were right. I'm not happy here, and it's time to admit it and move on.

5) I love you both. Rock on.

That's about it. I'm going to try to call you both this weekend, but it's (puke in a bucket) Ben and Eva's wedding tomorrow and (puke a little more) my good ol' roommate is in town, along with a few other peoples, and I'm being dragged about...

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease. xoxoxoxoxo


So the boyfriend (names changed to protect the innocent) and I might be moving in together. Which really means he might be moving in with me. Actually, it's not really a matter of maybe, it's more like, when can we find him a job so he can come live up here. He's applying to work at the place where I work.

So... on top of living together, which is scary due to the large quantities of commitment involved... we might also be working together. The working together isn't AS scary since I would have SOOOO little to do with him. But I know at some point I'm going to need some alone time.

I'm excited, and yet terrified. And some of my friends are being very ... well... that's your decision. Which translates to "I think that's stupid, but I'm not going to tell you, even though you would tell me. Because I'm an evil bitch."

Also... he cut his hair off. Which doesn't bother me because I think it will look nice. But at the same time it makes me a little sad I no longer have a boyfriend with long hair. :-/

I just hope my family doesn't completely freak out. I know they will, but I'm going to pretend they wont.

And now I'm done talking about my disgusting relationship.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A funny thing happened on the way to my everything....

So, my job...
Everything was great. I really like the people and I really love the work. I don't know how much I've told you about all of it; we do lead poisoning education and we're doing this asthma study right now. There are other programs too, like we do cleaning for the Housing Authority, but I've been mainly doing the lead and asthma. Great.

Well, about two months ago, I started to pick up on office politics. My coworker, "C", who is the director of the asthma study thought I had caught on fast - but gossip is my life, so I wasn't surprised by how easily I figured out who was friends with who, and the backgrounds behind all of the animosity. What I began to realize is this: My boss, "A", is completely out of her mind, hates our mutual boss "J" and wants to rule the world herself.

I'm working for AmeriCorps, but I work at a company called HHR. HHR is nonprofit and, as such, has at one time had a parent organization. This parent organization is called CCI and has offices in the same building with us. "A", my psycho boss, is really good friends with all the CCI people because before "J" started working at HHR, the CCI people were in charge of HHR too. Totally confusing? Sorry... I swear there's a point.

Here's what has happened to ruin the one ok thing left.

Everything was fine for a while, because they were going to take "A" out of the equation and make "C" the volunteers' boss. Would have been great! ... And then all of a sudden, the board of directors starts getting complaints about fighting amongst the staff members (all of this, we now realize, from "A") and about AmeriCorps being upset with the way HHR is running the program (which was, we now realize, instigated by "A"). Long story short (too late), "A" takes a leave of absense to care for a "sick friend" and manages to get herself out of the way while she convinces the board (from afar) that AmeriCorps and the volunteers need to be run by CCI, and that she's the only one who can do it. So now, I won't work with "C" and "J" at all, and I'll have to be "A"s little duckling and follow her everywhere. Furthermore, this means that AmeriCorps funding no longer goes to HHR, but will go to CCI, so HHR might have to fold. This means that "J" and "C" are both going to be completely out of jobs... She's a monster. And I thought I was never going to have to deal with her again. And now she's my boss again and I don't even have "C" and "J" to appeal to anymore. This is a nightmare.

I feel SO used. And I think I might have to leave the program out of personal respect for myself. I can't let her use us like this and get away with it. She knew her job was on the line, and she knew we weren't happy... So, what? She teaches everyone a lesson by getting people fired and forcing other people to work under her? This is real life!!!! There are SERIOUS ramifications... I'm disgusted.

Furthermore, I have no idea what I'm going to do. I want to contact the board and slap them around until they see what's going on, but I kind of know they aren't going to listen - I technically don't even work for them anymore. We were supposed to all have a personal interview with a panel from the board to discuss "A" and our problems, but now that we're CCI and not HHR, that's not going to happen, even though 90% of the HHR board is also on the board for CCI. And! I feel like somebody should tell AmeriCorps that "A" is the actual problem, because even if I leave, she's going to be allowed to fill my spot with some poor, unsuspecting, innocent youth, who might not be as quick on the uptake as I am. The other two AmeriCorps volunteers that I work with don't even seem to understand what's going on. I'm SO FRUSTRATED.


Monday, September 18, 2006


Don't move to the red states girls.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Sorry, girls!

I know I've dropped off the face of the earth. Bear with me. :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lawlawlawlawlawlawlawlaw... MUSHROOM! MUSHROOM!

Dear monkeys:

You are both hysterical. I am in the basement of the library, less than thrilled about being here (been studying since 3:30 and I'm really sick of it right now since it's 7:30) so I decided to read some blogs.

Flops, a tort is a legal wrong. It's like when someone rams you with their shopping cart or kicks you in the shin or accidentally spills a quart of juice in the hallway and you slip on it and crack three ribs. They can be intentional or accidental, but they have to be your fault (directly or indirectly).

Shins, I read your blog. I'm sorry to say that I don't know enough about that kind of law yet, although I'm sure that if you wanted to make back your money, you could take them to court. Get one of those ambulance-chasers who get a cut of what you make. That way, maybe they'll suck but at least you don't have to pay them by the hour. I'm pretty sure there's a reasonability standard somewhere: there's got to be a reason why they put up signs EVERYWHERE ELSE saying they'll tow your car. That said, maybe since there was a gate or something, you don't have a case. *shrug*

I don't want to read anymore. I want to go to a beach and drink umbrella drinks.

*dream vanishing*

Back to work.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My friend the new law student should help me with my small claims court case when she has time.

I am worried my case is less than watertight. See my other blog for details.

Monday, September 04, 2006

you got tooth paste on your pants?!

Toothpaste is such a bitch.

My bed hasn't even fallen apart yet!! I'm psyched - if not terribly lonely in it. Oh well.

So, I'm happy about my GRE scores and starting to apply places... I really want to apply for just a history program - like an MA just in History. But I dont' think anyone is going to take me... I don't have a concentration, and they're not happy about it. Oh, well... I'll figure that out too. Rebecca Kluchin (who taught all the awesome girl-power classes before your Body Politics professor, Alex) said she'd write me a letter of recommendation... And, I took the plunge and emailed Sandage to ask him for a letter too. EEE!!! So excited!

Also, what's a Tort...?
And, fuck toothpaste.

PS Sorry I didn't call you back yet, Ale!! My phone is retarded and won't let me use the buttons... I got it wet... Well, that's not actually true. What's actually true is that Beej got it really wet when he was doing an impression of me at Tom's Diner. I had accidentally dropped an ice cube in my bag, and then we all switched places when someone went to the bathroom - and he got my place - and he just started spooning ice cubes into my bag. I laughed so hard that I cried, so it was worth it at the time, except now my phone won't dial...

Friday, September 01, 2006

I hate getting toothpaste on my pants. Oh, and boys.


Now you know that you can build a bed... in my experience, that helps you know that you can do things on your own and don't have to call DumDum -- although you already knew that. Because between you and Bonnie and Shayna (and Paige and I as long distance advisors), you can handle it all.

Boys are really irritating. Last night was Bar Review which, contrary to what you might think is... a party at a bar. Everyone goes, we get two free drinks and dancing and foodies and stuff. It happens once a month and everyone in the law school goes. Fun was had, friendships were solidified and boys were snubbed. One of them actually grabbed my wrist to talk to me and I walked him all the way to the girls' bathroom where he finally let go and I walked into it without talking to him. Another one made the hand talky motion over my head when I was explaining something and I caught him.

But many boys were more relaxed and funny and they did their thing and were respectful. I even danced some! And I am better friends with some of my classmates, which is always good.

I have a horrible growth under my nose. It's not a pimple, it looks more like a cold sore but it's spherical. Golly gee. WTF. Also, I have Torts homework (and Torts at 11:00) and it actually does take all these hours to read something. Gargh.