Monday, September 04, 2006

you got tooth paste on your pants?!

Toothpaste is such a bitch.

My bed hasn't even fallen apart yet!! I'm psyched - if not terribly lonely in it. Oh well.

So, I'm happy about my GRE scores and starting to apply places... I really want to apply for just a history program - like an MA just in History. But I dont' think anyone is going to take me... I don't have a concentration, and they're not happy about it. Oh, well... I'll figure that out too. Rebecca Kluchin (who taught all the awesome girl-power classes before your Body Politics professor, Alex) said she'd write me a letter of recommendation... And, I took the plunge and emailed Sandage to ask him for a letter too. EEE!!! So excited!

Also, what's a Tort...?
And, fuck toothpaste.

PS Sorry I didn't call you back yet, Ale!! My phone is retarded and won't let me use the buttons... I got it wet... Well, that's not actually true. What's actually true is that Beej got it really wet when he was doing an impression of me at Tom's Diner. I had accidentally dropped an ice cube in my bag, and then we all switched places when someone went to the bathroom - and he got my place - and he just started spooning ice cubes into my bag. I laughed so hard that I cried, so it was worth it at the time, except now my phone won't dial...


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