Monday, August 21, 2006

On Singleness

I'm not going to tell you that being single isn't that bad. I mean there are awesome things about it, you get to flirt with whoever you want, you can have random flings with hot guys, sexual experimentation and such, you can make all kinds of plans without having to consult someone else. Wanna go drinking randomly on wednesday? YAY no one to call to tell them you wont be there, DRINKS!! Want to sit around and watch sappy romantic films while eating ice cream? YAY no stupid man to make fun of you! And you can always call one of your SiS for a dish session.

On the down side, obviously it is lonely. No one to snuggle with in bed, no one waiting for you to get home, no permanant dinner buddy. But if we as women can't find a way to be happy when we are alone then we're damaging our potential future relationships.

What I'm saying is if your main goal is not to be single, then what is keeping you from dating the wrong guy? You could end up dating some guy who doesn't make you happy, who doesn't really care about you, who is abusive, or just indifferent. But Hey! At least you aren't single! It's way better being ignored or hit in the face than having to make yourself a lean cuisine for one and watch Project runway.

All I'm saying is, it would be one thing if you were saying "I really just want to meet the right guy to settle down with." But what I'm hearing is "I'm don't want to be alone for all these reasons so I really just want the security of a relationship, any relationship."

And the reason I am typing this in your general direction is because I WANT you to meet the right guy, an amazing guy who is worthy of our Lovely Flopsy. (which I am disappointed to say your last guy did not turn out to be) And I'm afraid that if you continue to be striving for a relationship you will end up being less that completely perfectly happy in your future life. Which you clearly deserve!!

Sometimes meeting the right guy means having to find a place where you don't even want a man, because then you have the freedom to choose the best one, instead of settling for the first one.

(Sometimes having friends means having to read their harsh advice and hating them for not understanding.)


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