Thursday, August 17, 2006

You have a really pretty...

fuck off.

I just told Alex this on the phone, but I feel I should vent my anger via the internet, just so everyone knows.

I hate it when people tell me I have a pretty face. While this may seem like a compliment, I actually find it insulting. When I tell someone I like something about them, I usually either go with generic compliments "You're HOT" or very specific compliments "You have a nice ass" I don't pick areas of their general anatomy "You know, from the waist down you are quite attractive"

So "You have a pretty face" is actually code for "If you weren't such a fatty you'd be really actually attractive."

Though I could see how my general self loathing could play into this just a weeeeee bit, I still don't really think I'm wrong. And while I appreciate that people are trying to be nice to me, in the end, I'd rather think I'm all over ugly than to have to single out sections of my anatomy that are acceptable to the general public.

I'm done now.


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