Monday, August 14, 2006


She dumped him, they're back together, and they're moving in together in Boston.

Apparently, when she got off the plane (she was here to visit him and to see his opera - which he totally stole, btw) he yawned "three times" and said, "I'm tired, where's your luggage." It was then that she realized that "he's not in love with me anymore." Hm... I yawned through the whole rest of the explanation. "He loves my cat more than he'll ever love me!"
She went with him and his mother (who, by the way, is a 30 year older version of M - which explains it all...) back to his place. He, then, told her that she should go get some food because he'd already eaten. So, in an immense act of defiance, she left alone to get food. At this point, she called R looking for a place to stay cause she was planning on leaving P that night. R, of course complied, and figured she'd be over soon (it was like 2pm on Friday). HOURS go by and around 10pm, she calls R needing a ride... R has no car... So he borrows mine...
What apparently happened, is that she went to his opera even though she was going to dump him, and then called for a ride and help carrying stuff. R went to get her, and she made him wait around so they could leave after P got back - so the drama would be at its peak. She came to R's house for a bit, and then cried a bunch, and then ended up calling P, and they went to go talk in the parking lot of Giant Eagle, and then they were POOF! back together... Even though her stuff was still in my car... I had the pleasure of returning it the next day...

Anyway, we're about to go eat with P before he leaves for Boston tonight... I'm gonna make one last attempt, which is going to be me telling him he's miserable and that he should dump her... Wish me luck!!


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