Monday, August 14, 2006

On the making of beds

Eventually all you can say about a person is that they made their own bed and now they must lie in it. If he is not smart enough to see through all her crap, and to not put up with her OBVIOUS insanity, well then he should just climb into his bed full of psycho and I hope it is comfy.

M is called Psycho M for a reason, after about 3 months of friendship with her anyone can tell she is more than slightly unhinged. Those three months are the key parts of her psychosis however, her "Stealth psycho" if you will, she seems normal, friendly, fun to hang out with, until you try to have an actual conversation with her about the actual real world in which we actually live. At this point it will become reasonably obvious to most rational people that the world in which WE live and the world in which SHE lives differ in some extremely key ways. The formost of which is that M is not actually the center of our universe. Now if having a vague friendship with her can cause this realization, I can only imagine the depths of insanity that she would sink to in the course of an actual relationship. In fact, I don't want to imagine.

So the fact that it has not yet dawned on him that she is compltely unhinged and that he hasn't been able to see her suicide threats and other psycho manipulations for what they are render my sympathy for him relatively obselete.

Or maybe it's just cause his opera was stolen. Whatever.


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