Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And the money keeps rolling out... in all directions...

So my horrible banking ordeal continues with me continually dumping money into the account, but since the money takes a long time to process (and I am not in the state), I get worse and worse overdraft fees and my money isn't going anywhere near making me at a balance near zero and able to close my motherfucking account. I called the effing bank and they transferred me three effing times so by the time I got to someone with an IQ over 40 I was on the verge of tears. But this woman was so sweet, with her sweet Southern accent, and she soothed my frayed nerves and gave me her name and I have to call her tomorrow when my next doomed payment comes in and then we'll be working on how to fix everything. So although I am still shaken and annoyed and wishing I'd gotten her the first time I called two weeks ago because then I wouldn't be in this mess, I feel a little bit less like throwing up.

The problem with my other blog is that I can't post scary things like this because my family reads it, and so forth. I can only post the very positive and cheerful events of my life that other people would want to read. I'm so glad I have my SiS. :)


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