Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chicago Apartments, aka Chicago Nightmares

So when I went to lease a place I had problems, the appartment I applied for and put a deposit on wasn't available when I wanted it. After getting jerked around a bit I managed to find a place in the same building.

My roommate put an application in and then lost 2 separate places after getting dicked around a lot. He has another place now, far away, in a land of misery.

The girl whose apartment I am moving into, I called to see if I could get in a few days early, and it turns out that her new landlord is letting the current tenant stay till the 1st, but apartment girl needs to be out by the 31st so I can move in on the 1st. So she's really screwed.

But the most screwed person ever at this point is my sister, who found a nice two bedroom in a walk up with washer dryer hook ups, in a great neighborhood. She was so excited. So they start moving in and find out, there is no water, there hasn't been water in the building for 2 weeks because the 90 year old property owner is in the hospital and has no one to take care of the property. So they are going to start looking for a new place today, because who wants to live in a place where the landlord could drop dead at any moment, and doesn't have anyone to manage the property if he does so. (In the meantime my sister and father will be living at MY place, shock and horror that I don't have clean towels waiting for them follows.)


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