Thursday, August 31, 2006

That threat was Totally not even me! But, all the same, do let me know if, and when, the ball cutting would be taking place - cause I wouldn't miss it for the world =) They're probably not even just intimidated by your intelligence, but are even more intimidated cause you're hot AND smart and you don't want to sleep with them. Most 'normal' boys don't find hot girls that they can't make sleep with them - it's something they don't seem to encounter until grad/law school. It happens a lot, it seems.

But I'm so excited for you and your LAW SCHOOL adventures, even if they are off to a slightly asscock start. You're so smart and wonderful and so many great things are going to come out of this for you. You're amazing. And I love you.

And! (You'll both be so proud!!!) I put that whole IKEA bed together without having to call AT for help ONCE!!! We did it all by ourselves (me and Shayna, that is (who was my roommate last year)). It was most triumphant.


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