Friday, September 01, 2006

I hate getting toothpaste on my pants. Oh, and boys.


Now you know that you can build a bed... in my experience, that helps you know that you can do things on your own and don't have to call DumDum -- although you already knew that. Because between you and Bonnie and Shayna (and Paige and I as long distance advisors), you can handle it all.

Boys are really irritating. Last night was Bar Review which, contrary to what you might think is... a party at a bar. Everyone goes, we get two free drinks and dancing and foodies and stuff. It happens once a month and everyone in the law school goes. Fun was had, friendships were solidified and boys were snubbed. One of them actually grabbed my wrist to talk to me and I walked him all the way to the girls' bathroom where he finally let go and I walked into it without talking to him. Another one made the hand talky motion over my head when I was explaining something and I caught him.

But many boys were more relaxed and funny and they did their thing and were respectful. I even danced some! And I am better friends with some of my classmates, which is always good.

I have a horrible growth under my nose. It's not a pimple, it looks more like a cold sore but it's spherical. Golly gee. WTF. Also, I have Torts homework (and Torts at 11:00) and it actually does take all these hours to read something. Gargh.


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